• M Faust

May Meetings

  • May 7th:

  • Pre-Meeting: Mr. Coats Summer Camp Presentation

  • New Class B T-Shirt Voting

  • Gear Checkout Instruction (Aiden Fraser)

  • Meal Planning for Scout Skills

  • Announcing Iron Chef Competition

  • Skit Planning for Scout Skills

  • Nominations for Leadership Sign-ups

  • May 14:

  • Change of SPL (Thank you Thomas - Welcome Mitch)

  • ASPL Elections

  • Thorns and Roses from Scout Skills

  • Leadership Appointments

  • Patrol Leader Elections (except for the new Patrols, they'll keep their current PL)

  • Barrel Dancing (don't know what this is, but Garret Paul is leading it)

  • May 21:

  • Class B night

  • Dodgebal l

  • May 28:

  • Memorial Day / No Meeting

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