• M Faust

July Meetings

  • July 2nd:

  • T&R Summer Camp

  • Game - Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest (Adam)

  • Flag Retirement (Nicholas S.)

  • July 9th:

  • Meal Planning for Whitewater Campout

  • Whitewater Etiquettte - (Jeffery)

  • Outdoor Essentials (Brody)

  • July 16th:

  • T&R Whitewater Campout

  • Game: Razorblades (Aidan)

  • Camp Sanitation (????)

  • July 23rd:

  • Adopt a Mile Conservation

  • Hughes Road

  • Bring Work Gloves

  • July 30th:

  • Stove Instruction (Brody)

  • Making Pancakes

  • Game - Pancake Contest (Aidan)

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