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April Troop Activities

1 April

· Introduce 24 New Scouts and split them into 3 Patrols

· Meal Planning for Scout Skills Campout, Troop Guides will assist the new patrols in selecting "easy" menus for their first time out.

· 2-Burner Stove Safety: Marcello will instruct on how to safely assemble and light our 2-Burner Stoves. Scouts will go outside and practice assembly and lighting.

· Jack will recruit more instructors for the Scout Skills Campout.

5-7 April:

· Scout Skills Campout @ Jackson

8 April (Class A with Class B underneath)

· Thorns & Roses from the Scout Skills Campout

· Troop Guides will meet with New Patrols to pick Patrol names & yells

· Brody will give Flag Raising/Lowering & Folding instruction

· Older scouts will wash the trailers.

11 April


15 April (Class B night)

· Troop will vote on the final design for the 2019 Class B T-shirt

· Scouts and ASMs will play Dodgeball in the Gym (ASMs will provide Supervision)

· New Parents & Seasoned Parents meeting in the Cafeteria

22 April

· Court of Honor

· Marcello & Will Bagwell will MC

28 April

· Scout Sunday at St. Johns (11:30am mass)

29 April

· Basic Backpacking discussion/show & tell conducted by Mr. Sloan

· Jet Boil and Whisperlite Safety Instruction - Ryan Gallagher

· We'll practice assembly and lighting of the stoves outside.

· Meal Planning for Walls of Jericho

3-5 May

· Walls of Jericho (2 nights camping)

· New Patrols (and some 2nd year Patrols) will day hike down and back with a sack lunch and bottle of water. Tents and heavy equipment will stay at the base camp on top of the Walls of Jericho (by the parking lot).

· Regular Patrols will Backpack and establish a campsite in the bottom (next to the cemetery).

· Philmont Crews will plot a longer, more challenging route to the bottom and establish camp.

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