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Merit Badges


Merit Badges are recognition of a Scout's completing study and demonstrating knowledge of a chosen activity or area of knowledge. The Scout is able to pick from more than 135 merit badges.

A sub-group of merit badges are known as Eagle-required merit badges. To earn Eagle Scout, many of these badges must be earned.

Any registered Scout, regardless of rank, may work on any merit badge and receive the award when he earns it. 

Merit Badge Process:

  1. Pick a merit badge (Click here for a complete list of merit badges)  

  2. Find the name of a Merit Badge Counselor in the Troop from the Advancements Chair. The Scout contacts the merit badge counselor and obtains the counselor's  agreement to support the Scout and work out a plan to complete the merit badge.

  3. Fill out an Application for Merit Badge, also known as a Blue Card.  A Blue Card indicates (a) that the Scout has permission to start working on a particular merit badge;
    (b) records the Scout's progress in completing the merit badge requirements;
    (c) provides a record of completion for both the Scout and the Troop.

  4. Have a Scoutmaster sign the Blue Card.

  5. Meet with the Merit Badge Counselor, as needed, until all requirements completed. It is the Scout's responsibility to keep track of, and maintain, Blue Cards as they are  working toward completing the requirements. 

  6. Merit Badge Counselor signs off on blue card when they are satisfied work is complete.

  7. Have the Scoutmaster sign the completed Blue Card to indicate the Scout is eligible to receive the Merit Badge.

  8. Give the completed/signed Blue Card to the Advancements Chair. Scouts receive a page of the Blue Card as a receipt of their achievement. These Blue Card receipts are the Scout's to keep- most Scouts get plastic  baseball card holders and a 3-ring binder to keep all their scout materials in.

  9. Merit Badge patches  are distributed at Courts of Honor.

Blue Card

Eagle Required Merit Badges:


  1. First Aid

  2. Citizenship in the Community 

  3. Citizenship in the Nation 

  4. Citizenship in the World 

  5. Communication 

  6. Personal Fitness* 

  7. Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving 

  8. Environmental Science OR Sustainability 

  9. Personal Management* 

  10. Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling 

  11. Camping 

  12. Cooking

  13. Family Life*

* These badges require at least 3 months to complete

Eagle merit badges
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