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April PLC

May 2017 Calendar:

1 May: Alpha Patrol has the Opening

Court of Honor (more details to follow)

Nominations for ASPL

5-7 May OA Ordeal @ Camp Comer

6 May: Saturday Morning - Scout Quartermasters are

organizing the whole Troop to SET UP and INSPECT ALL the Troop Tents.

I expect this to start at 0800 (probably done by Lunch)

8 May: Patrol Beta has the Opening

Nominations for ASPL

Cyber Chip Training

Meal Planning for Scouts Skills Campout

Catch 10 (lead by Max)

11 May: PLC

12-14 May: Scout Skills Camp Jackson

15 May: Patrol Charlie has the Opening

Thorns & Roses from Scout Skills

ASPL Speeches & Elections

Leadership Position Sign-Ups

Packing for Summer Camp

22 May: Falcons have the Opening

Basic Summer Camp First Aid by Ethan (Hydration, Sunscreen, Monkey Butt)

Build Patrol Flags (bring your own supplies)

New Patrols will create their Flag

Existing Patrols will make their Flag BETTER.

29 May: Pythons have the Opening

Finish Patrol Flags (we’ll be taking these to SUMMER CAMP!)

Patrol Competition: Reach for the Sky (Jeffery)

Ninja (Adam)

Cone Sweep (Sidney)

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