June Meetings-Camping Merit Badge Month

  • June 4th:

  • Start of Camping MB Instruction during the June Scout Meetings.

  • First Instruction will be Requirement 6e, Sleeping Bags (Marcello will instruct)

  • Game will be Rat Tail

  • June 11th:

  • Camping MB Instruction during the June Scout Meetings.

  • Second Instruction will be Requirement 6a & 6c

  • 6a - Describe the features of four types of tents, when and where they could be used, and how to care for tents. Working with another Scout, pitch a tent

  • 6c - Describe the factors to be considered in deciding where to pitch your tent.

  • Game: Tent Raising Competition (Aiden)

  • Jun 18th:

  • Camping MB Instruction during the June Scout Meetings.

  • 6d: Tell the difference between internal- and external-frame packs. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each

  • Summer Camp Check in process. (Coats)

  • Game: Kickball

  • June 25th:

  • Summer Camp / No Meeting

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