• M Faust

October Troop Meetings

  • October 1st:

  • Thorns & Roses - Webelos Campout

  • Parent/Scout Instructors - Scoutbook Training

  • Cooking Kahoot (Patrols) - Brody

  • Start Planning Skits for Halloween Meeting

  • Summer Camp/High Adventure Presentation

  • October 8th:

  • Troop Photos (possible)

  • Leave No Trace Instruction - Pythons

  • Backpack Cooking Instruction - Pythons

  • Meal Planning for Cycling Campout

  • October 11th:

  • PLC

  • October 12-14

  • ​Cycling Campout on Chief Ladiga Trail

  • October 15th:

  • Class "B" Meeting

  • Camping Req. #5 (Backpacks due for inspection on Nov. 5th)

  • Capture the Flag

  • October 22nd

  • Troop Photos (possible)

  • Lashing Instructions (Jeffrey)

  • Catapult Building (w/Pumpkins)(Winner get to use catapult next meeting)

  • Plan Skits for 10/29 meeting

  • October 29th:

  • Halloween Theme

  • Campire with Skits

  • MC (tbd)

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