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November Troop Activities

  • November 5th:

  • Ask volunteers to arrive at 6pm to fold Flags for Veterans day. These are Flags that have flown over the US Capital.

  • ASPL Nominations and Leadership Position Sign-Ups for Leadership Positions

  • Patrol Minutes: PL Nominations

  • Backpacking Gear Inspection for the Troop

  • Meal Planning for the Cumberland Gap

  • Backup Photo Day

  • November 9th (Friday): (for Cumberland Gap Campout)

  • Scouts will meet at the Gear Garage to

  • Check out Backpacking Gear

  • Wash the Trailer (and eat Pizza, thank you Committee)

  • November 10th (Saturday): Depart early morning for the Cumberland Gap

  • November 12th: No Meeting Veterans Day

  • November 17th: Thomas Coats Eagle Court of Honor

  • November 18th: Matthew Whittemore Eagle Court of Honor

  • November 19th:

  • Thorns and Roses from Cumberland Gap

  • ASPL final Nominations and Speeches

  • Jack Gjesvold takes the reigns as SPL

  • Patrol Minutes: PL Elections

  • Final Leadership Position Sign-ups ASPL Elections

  • Campout Powerpoint Presentation to show the Troop where we've gone in the past (and where we could go in 2019) Thomas ^2 (Coats & Maxwell) will conduct the presentation

  • November 26th:

  • Meeting starts early: 6pm

  • Movie: It's a Wonderful Life (it's part of one of the Citizenship MBs). Committee will provide POPCORN

  • Intermission: Patrols give their Patrol Leaders camping input that they can take to the Planning Campout.

  • Finish the movie by 8:30

  • Nov 30, Dec 1, Dec 2:

  • Planning Campout @ Westmoreland.

  • PLC has decided that they'd like the adults to cook most of the meals

  • There was a Request to do lunch similar to last year and work in EDGE instruction in making Lunch.

  • We'll also do Leadership Training at this campout.

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