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April Activities - Troop 350

Updated: Apr 4

April 4

Decision on which design to pick for our new Class B shirt. The color will be Texas orange.

Dodgeball/tug of war competition. Thomas Moore (backup is Connor Willet)

April 11

Fire building with cinnamon roll cooking.

We will have an outdoor ethics speech.

Jessie Patrick (backup is Delmont Goins)

* We don't have the Parish Hall for this meeting.

April 18

This meeting will be knots and meal planning.

We will play Catch the Snapper.

Connor Willet (backup is Thomas Moore)

* We don't have the Parish Hall for this meeting.

April 23

Troop Gear Setup/Inspection Saturday 9am - Noon

Pizza Provided by Committee

SPL & Committee to organize

April 25

We will have a demonstration on three different ways to filter water.

We will practice navigation using map and compass.

Thomas Moore for 3 ways to filter water (backup is Connor)

Delmont Navigate with map and compass (backup is Jessie)

* Wilderness Survival campout is the weekend after this meeting on 29 April to 1 May.

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