While serving as the troop historian for 2020 I thought it would be interesting to

document the first ever virtual summer camp.

When Covid hit people were afraid of catching it, so Boy Scout Troops from around the

country (and a few out of the country) had the option to participate in a virtual summer

camp led by Camp La-No-Che in Central Florida. Troop 350 was one of the troops that

decided to participate. Despite it being on a computer they did an incredible job

simulating a regular summer camp. They still had the funny skits, songs, and jokes they

would perform at the opening and closing flag ceremonies. I got badges at home and

working on the cooking merit badge certainly was a treat to do from my house. The

negatives were that it was not as interactive being online and I missed hanging out with

my friends. And there were no stores to buy treats. At previous camps after finishing a

class, I would go buy myself a little something. Overall the staff and the community did

an awesome job making a summer camp for those who didn’t have one.

William Ryals,

Troop 350 Historian


  • Among Us game IRL (Johnathan W. and Ryan F.)

  • BACKUP: Catch the Snapper


  • Elections (ASPL)

  • Requirement Signing (Free Time for those not in need of that)


  • Fire Building Instruction + Game

  • Movie Voting (For the 23rd)


  • MOVIE NIGHT!!!!!!!! (Movie TBD on 16th)


  • Whittling Tips and Tricks + Competition (Dan A.)


  • No Campout (Patrols are highly encouraged to plan a patrol activity during this time)