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March PLC

3 April: Cows have the Opening

Lashing Instruction (Max & Walker)

Leadership/Communication/Teamwork Game (Mitch)

Meal Planning for the Camporee (Troop Guides will assist the new scouts)

6 April: PLC in the Youthroom @ 7pm, we'll plan the month of May (note that this was moved up a week so as not to conflict with Holy Week)

7-9 April: Camporee @ Camp Westmoreland (Mr. Little and Mr. Williams are Campmasters) Theme is Rogue One (Star Wars Style), Cost is $27 dollars (a bargain) Everyone will have a good time and this will be the first campout our newly bridged scouts can attend. Troop Guides will assist them. Note that there will be an Order of the Arrow Tap-Out Ceremony where our voted in candidates will be "tapped out" (it's a cool ceremony, I still remember mine. Must be present to be tapped out).

10 April: Dragons have the Opening

Thorns & Roses from the Camporee

Totin' Chip Training (Edge Method taught by Mitch & Garret)

Firem'n Chit Training (Edge Method taught by Bobby)

12 April: Service Hour Opportunity / Easter Chair Set-up: While it is not confirmed yet, I'm expecting the Great and Powerful Deacon Greg to ask for our assistance. Stay tuned as this date may shift.

17 April Panthers have the Opening

CPR Instruction (or how to save your old Scoutmaster) by Jack Gj (we'll need ASM assistance to ensure everyone is doing it correctly - - - it'll increase my odds of survival)

Basic MB Instruction (or what is a Blue Card): Slide Presentation presented by our SPL Thomas, Bobby and the lovely Mrs. Whittemore (our advancement chair)

19 April: Service Hour Opportunity / Easter Chair take-down: Again we're just waiting to be asked.

24 April: Goats have the Opening

It's been a busy month, and the scouts would like to blow off some steam so it may be a

* Dodgeball Night (Mr. Hauser has already requested the gym)

* or Razor Blades Outside

* or Kan Jam Frisbee Outside (don't ask me what these last two are).

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