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September PLC

  • 2 Oct Meeting:

  • Pre-Meeting @ 6:15pm: Philmont Q&A for those interested in a 2019 Trek (led by Mr. Hauser and all scouts and scouters that have previously attended Philmont)

  • Meeting @ 6:45pm:

  • Fire Building Instruction (3 types ), led by Garret Paul.

  • Shelter Building in Prep for Wilderness Survival, led by Marcello.

  • Sign up for Rocket Construction for the Nov Campout.

  • 9 Oct Meeting: Fall Break: No Meeting.

  • 15 Oct - Registration for 2019 Philmont Crew Slots Open:

  • Depending on the Interest from the 2 Oct Pre-meeting will determine how many Crew Slots (if any) Troop 350 requests.

  • There is no guarantee that we’ll receive slots.

  • 16 Oct Meeting:

  • Summer Camp Selection Presentation, led by Marcello with supporting documentation from Mr. Coats. Purpose of Presentation is to help select Summer Camp 2018.

  • Proper Use of a Signal Mirror for Wilderness Survival, led by Jeffery Tuggle.

  • Meal Planning for Wilderness Survival Campout.

  • Final Signup for Rocket Construction for the Nov Campout

  • 20-22nd Oct, - Wilderness Survival Campout. Mr. Schovel is Campmaster.

  • 23 Oct Meeting:

  • Thorns and Roses, Wilderness Survival

  • Build a Rocket (at least for those that signed up by the 16th), Mr. Meranda will lead.

  • Nomination for ASPL

  • Skit Planning for Halloween Campfire Meeting

  • 30 Oct Meeting: Outdoor Campfire Meeting

  • We’ll Invite the Webelos

  • Committee to supply Halloween Candy

  • Patrols will perform Ghost Stories and Ghost Skits for the Webelos

  • Patrol Prizes will be awarded for the best Ghost Story or Skit

  • Songs (hopefully led by Mr. Tran)

  • Other news from the Sept PLC

  • New Scout Jon Shellabarger will join the Maverick Patrol. He felt a need, for speed. Kudos to Jon and the Mavericks who have shown us there is always room for one more Scout.

  • Engineering MB Opportunity at the Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham. Mr. Snider has the lead, more details to follow. This will be a Saturday event.

  • PLC decided to support St. Johns in constructing a Float for the Madison Christmas Parade and to provide Scouts to march in the parade and pass out candy.

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