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March Troop Activities

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

  • March 1st-3rd:

  • OA Induction / Brotherhood Weekend at Camp Sequoyah.

  • March 4th:

  • OA Induction / Brotherhood will give a "modified" Thorns and Roses report

  • Boating Safety and BSA Safety Afloat Instruction (1st Class Requirement 6b): (Jack Gjesvold & Daniel Myatt)

  • Meal Planning for the Fishing Campout

  • March 11th

  • Fishing Thorns & Roses

  • Lashing Instruction: Ryan Gallagher will use the EDGE method to instruct how to make a Weather Rock (1st Class Req 3d Use lashings to make a useful camp gadget)

  • March 18th:

  • Class B Outdoor Game Night: CAPTURE THE FLAG

  • March 22nd-24th:

  • Fishing Campout @ Goose Pond Colony

  • March 25th:

  • Indian Lore: Mrs. Boak will invite a visiting Native American to speak on Indian Lore, history and customs.

  • Backup Activity (in case our visitor is unavailable): Cooking MB instruction by Marcello

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