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7 November

-Summer Camp 2023 Options

-Meal Planning for Chickamauga Campout

-Cyber Chip Videos

10 November: PLC

11-13 November: Chickamauga Campout

14 November

-ASPL and PL Elections

-Thorns and Roses

-Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose - Cade

21 November

-No Meeting

28 November

-Summer Camp 2023 Voting

-First Aid and Cold Weather Camping Lessons - Jesse

3 October

-Campout Instructions for the Backpacking Campout

-First Aid: Zeke

-Hiking and Nature: Delmont

-Tools: Connor

-Safety: James

-Knots: TBD (Instructor)

Game will be Bingo

10 October

-Leave No Trace - James

-Knot tying Instruction - TBD (Instructor)

12 October: Committee Meeting at Church

13 October: PLC at Church

17 October

-Backpacking Instructions - Conrad

-Meal Planning - Patrol Leaders

21-24 October: Backpacking Campout at Cane Creek

24 October

-Webelos Campfire

-Halloween Themed

-Thorns and Roses from Backpacking Trip

31 October

-No Meeting (Halloween)

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