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August Activities

The PLC met and planned different activities for the Troop Meetings in the month of August.


  • Cooking Competition (Ingredient is secret, but will be released closer to time..) (Led by Conrado)

  • Meal Planning for the Canoe-packing Campout (August 5-7)


  • Thorns and Roses from the Canoe-packing Campout

  • Trailer Washing Competition (Terms of competition TBD) (Led by Cade Walther)


  • Hughes Road Trash Pickup (Possible ice cream after??)


  • Thorns and Roses from the OA Induction Weekend

  • Hide & Seek Infection/Tag (Led by Alex Dobbins)


  • Court of Honor (BRINGING BACK THE POTLUCK!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!)

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